Ask us anything!

Ask us questions and we'll answer them in a future post.
Ask us anything!
Photo by Underway In Ireland.

Two of our favorite newsletter writers—Matt Yglesias and Josh Barro—recently started doing regular features where they answer reader questions. We’re going to try the same thing! So please leave a comment with a question for one of us to answer. If you like someone else’s question, leave a reply saying that. You can also send questions directly to Tim or Alan.

We’re happy to answer questions about economics, but other topics are fair game too. Over the years Tim has written about everything from Roman history to machine learning to the Supreme Court. Alan is interested in strategy games, football sabermetrics, geography, and Mexican cooking. We’re both interested in politics, business, personal finance, and technology. We’d also be happy to answer questions about our experiences starting the newsletter and becoming parents (we both had babies last year; Tim also has two older kids).

We’ll pick a few of our favorite questions and answer them later in the week.


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